Digital Card Making with PSP

I love making my own greetings cards and thought that the card challenges would be a lot of fun. I have a lot of paper and pens...and the other things one would need to make great cards. I found myself trying to keep up with what is new on the market... then I realize all the stuff, the papers, glue, and stamps were getting very costly and I was running out of space to store it all.

That is when I decided to make elements for my cards in Paint Shop Pro aka PSP. PSP is a software that I have been teaching myself since version 3. Now using version 13 I have learned that the program can also create images and paint them as well. Light bulb went off...why not use it to make my cards and not just some elements for the cards. And so digital card making began for me...and boy has it saved me money.

This blog now consist of my creations that I have made using nothing but PSP. I found the challenge for me is to teach myself how to meet the different card challenges within PSP.

Well that is how all this digital stuff began...Just thought I share.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

365 Card Challenge - 4 Elements Two

Okay this is what's up...I submitted a challenge earlier today and a friend look at it and did not see what was there. He did not noticed that the elements were being held by open hands. Well I figure if he did not see it a lot of others would not as well. So any ways I decided to replace it with another card. Well that did not work either because others had commented on the first card before I could delete it.

After all is said and done here is the new card anyway!


  1. of course he couldnt see the hands....he's a man! LOL this one is nice but i realy like the first one you made :0)

  2. You have to trust your own eyes. I noticed the hands straight away and thought it great. This is good too, I wouldn't have had the strength to think out another, well done you.

  3. Wow! You rock the mosaic thechnique!!! And I can for sure see the hands! LOL! Looking forward seeing you making digital pop up cards!! LOL! I've updated with what inspired me!

  4. It's beautiful too! I love how it looks like a mosaic (like TesaB said). It's super!


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